Gavin Symes - The Biopsychosocial Wizard OT!


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Wooooooooo! What an absolutely jokes episode! I got to caught up with one of my best all time buddies of many years, Gavin Symes who runs his occupational therapy business helping his clients & patients in Melbourne, Oz. We explored Gav's journey into becoming OT (of which I saw to much inspiration!), explored what occupational therapy exactly is & how it provides much needed help & support to those who, well, really need it! We then went into Gav's journey with his own chronic pain challenges & how he brought himself from a place of wanting to commit suicide into a place of transformation with self education & empowerment. We then discussed the power & application of the biopsychosocial model in treating clients & patients with chronic pain. We also spoke about the common difficulty in the patient treatment model perpetuated by the allopathic medical system as well as in private therapy that does not always work to empower the patient or client in the best way. Gav is a man with a huge heart which you get to find out all about within this episode! Gracias amigo! :)

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