#31 In the Spotlight: KATIE YOUNG about her transition from surgeon to a health and life sciences consultant


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Today’s episode of our EY Careers Spotlight podcast will be in English as I will be speaking to one of my British-born colleagues about her mind-boggling career change. Katie joined EY Switzerland in February 2021 as a Senior Consultant. In that role, she helps organizations in the health sector to transform, grow and improve. She has worked in that industry for many years, but her specialization had been a very different one: Katie is a highly skilled plastic surgeon. After receiving degrees in neuroscience, medicine and trauma science, Katie trained and worked in reconstructive plastic surgery for a number of years. In fact, she had a brilliant career ahead of her. However, there was something that she felt wasn’t quite right, so she decided to change her career path. Join me in finding out why Katie is no longer wearing surgical blues and what drove her to become a Senior Consultant at EY instead. Enjoy!

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