64. Best Of Exam Study Expert: 21/22 Highlights Reel


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Best of the September 2020 - June 2021 season: six of the most interesting, inspirational and downright useful moments from our guest interviews this year, to help you study smarter and ace your exams!
Featuring highlights from conversations with:
1. Dr Erika Patall - Study Motivation
What works and what doesn't when it comes to getting motivated to study?
Full episode: #43, https://examstudyexpert.com/erika for resources and audio
2. Prof. Tim Wilson - Power of Mindset
Why does mindset matter and how can you improve yours?
Full episode: #42, https://examstudyexpert.com/redirect for resources and audio
Or check out Prof. Wilson's book "Redirect: Changing The Stories We Live By": https://geni.us/changeyourstory*
3. Prof. James Lang - Focus & Distractions
Why is focus hard and what can you do about it?
Full episode: #58, https://examstudyexpert.com/james for resources and audio
Read more with James’ book: “Distracted: Why Students Can’t Focus And What You Can Do About It”, available at https://geni.us/distractedbook*
4. Brian Tracy - Time Management for Students
How to get things done?
Full episode: #39, https://examstudyexpert.com/frog for resources and audio
Eat That Frog For Students (Brian Tracy with Anna Leinberger) is available at https://geni.us/frog
5. Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel -Spaced Learning
How can the science of learning help you remember more and forget slower?
Full episode: #47, https://examstudyexpert.com/carolina for resources and audio
Mentioned in my comments: for more on "memory journaling", see https://examstudyexpert.com/back-to-school-study-tips/
6. Dr Veronica Yan - Interleaving For Success in Maths & More
What is interleaving and why is it such a powerful way to practice problems?
Full episode: #49, see https://examstudyexpert.com/veronica for resources and audio
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