25. The Science of a Pandemic: Summer Special 2020


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With lives around the world touched by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Exam Study Expert is taking an episode out from our normal business of helping you ace your exams to talk to scientists about exactly what's been going on, and unpack all the bits the media hasn't properly explained.

  • Discover what exponential growth and the "R" value really mean, and why they're surprisingly hard to get your head round.
  • Hear first-hand from scientists on the front line about the models they're building, and how the break-neck search for a vaccine is progressing.
  • And answers to the big question: what's next?

I've been joined today by:
Dylan H Morris, Princeton-based virus evolution and ecology specialist:
- http://dylanhmorris.com/
Twitter: @dylanhmorris
Freddie Tapner, master "maths explainer" and ex-Cambridge engineer, now turned musical theatre director: https://www.lmto.org/

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