39. Brian Tracy - Eat That Frog, Beat Procrastination & Excel In School / College


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To kick off 2021, I am THRILLED to welcome one of the true founding fathers of the field of personal productivity: Brian Tracy.
You may have heard of the "eat the frog" principle: it was made famous in a book of the same name by Brian which went on to sell 2.5 million copies in 51 languages.
Brian has recently been focusing on adapting his world-famous time management strategies for students, to help them work smarter, accomplish more, and simply feel happier about life.
He shares all in today's interview - not to be missed!
Eat That Frog For Students (Brian Tracy with Anna Leinberger) is in all good bookstores (online and physical!) now - pick up your copy from Amazon at https://geni.us/frog.
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Mentioned in this episode: The Checklist Manifesto (Atul Gawande), available at https://geni.us/checklists
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