Ep. 93, Meditation - 5.28.2020 - Activating Your Energetic Wings


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Hello Soul Family, Here's a brand new meditation for connecting to your Light Body, going into a safe place with The Light Body Collective and connecting, activating and expanding your Energetic Wings. It truly is a beautiful space and practice.

The meditation officially starts about 20 minutes in.

Approximately 60 minute meditation. Can be done at anytime of the day.

Your Energetic Wings are so helpful in many ways. For better energetic flow in your body, it's best to be intentional about your Energetic Wings, to use them for reaching out and connecting psychically & telepathically, for healing and claring of your body and others, to wrap up yourself up in...

Every human has the potential to do this- regardless of your Soul Origin, however, if you are a "winged" Soul like any Angelic, Fae, Galactic who has wings this practice may be more intense for you as you tap in to those energies as well.

If you have a hard time working with this energy, this is an indication that you need to bring more power back into flow and maybe back into your system. Cord cutting from a person or situation, trauma or event will help. Go to Ep. 83 for that practice.

Please continue to work with your Wings on a regular basis on your own and know that we will be doing that here as well.

Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love.


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