Ep. 90, The Hidden Worlds Oracle: Card #4 - The Isle of Wonders


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Hello Soul Family, Well, I thought we would be quickly getting into the meditation, but things took a different turn than my initial plan (as usual) and as I was suddenly guided to pull a card from The Hidden Worlds Oracle By Lucy Cavendish.

This one really took me places, and maybe you'll recognize it too.

We began the meditation, but barely when I heard someone coming to my door. I had called for delivery so, that's my fault, but I thought they would be here MUCH later.

Everything in divine right timing, I always say. Because of the disruption, I realized what time it was really, and that it would be getting dark sorta soon. Of course all of the outside cats came in, etc. etc.

So, while they settle in, crunch their food, and find their spot for the next couple of hours-I was guided to upload this part first.

I'll be doing and uploading the meditation right away.And we will get DIRECTLY into the meditation.

Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love.


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