Ep. 123, 2.16.2021 Oracle -The Importance of Astral Travel Via Meditation


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Hello Lovely Soul,

For today, we receive a message about meditation, but we don't actually do one.

I was guided to hold off on one for today, so you can catch up, or add to your meditation work before continuing with a new one tomorrow, 2.17.2021.

3 powerful self-healing practices that help us to transmute many energies that hold us back from living as freely and expressing ourselves as we are meant to, so we may do our Divine Work, our Soul Missions.

There was also the New Moon meditation on 2.11.2021 that had major and massive activations and integrations: Light Chamber:

Activating The Abundance Matrix, Crystal Activations, Diamond Light, Tree of Life & The Fire Phoenix Integrations.

It was the first of the rebirthing self-healing meditation practices.

Prioritize these 4 meditations if you haven't done them already. If you have, revisit your Cord Cutting inventory, and consider doing one of those today.

Or even the Full Moon meditation, if you missed that one.

  1. The New Moon
  2. The Abundance/Money Wound,
  3. The Body Love & Meet With Your Guardian Angel
  4. Healing & Integrating Your Inner Child

Doing them in order activates the body for the integrations/activations/healings through this process of rebirth we are on through this time of renewal and new beginnings, however you can do them however you're guided.

Travel Time!

Infinite Love & Blessings,



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