Ep. 107, 2.1.2021-Your Daily Spiritual Guidance-Virgo-Earth-Eagle-8-Amethyst-13: The Death Card


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Dear Soul Family,

I'm excited to announce my NEW, DAILY Spiritual Guidance Article found first on Medium.com, and then making it to a speech file for my podcast.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see a little snippet of the main daily article.

Featuring Daily:


Cosmic & Astrology

Moon Planetary Energy

Spirit Animal Messages



Tarot Card

Spirit Messages &

Meditation All Divinely Guided through via The High Council & Your Spirit Guides.

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I'm also doing Tarot & Oracle readings for The Lightbody Collective for every Full & New Moon.

These readings are grouped by the elements of Fire-Water-Earth-Air. The first set are up on my YouTube for The Full Moon just 4 days ago on 1.28.2021.

These readings have a companion Guided Astral Meditation. The one for The Full Moon is episode 106.



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