Ep. 104. Cord Cutting-UPDATED Guided Astral Meditation


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Hello Soul Family,

Lately CORD CUTTING has been a BIG theme in my world. It's also the first New Moon of the year--so it's the perfect time for a cord cutting.

All of my new clients have been guided to perform much needed cord cutting prior to working with me in healing and starting their Evolve Now Programs, and older clients in the extended program have also been guided to work on their cord cutting.

Honestly, I believe it's connected to a few other factors going on energetically at this time-one of those things being that it's the Capricorn New Moon.

But it doesn't matter when you're guided to do this practice, anytime you do it is the PERFECT time to do it.

If you are new to my Cord Cutting information/podcasts, etc, my episodes 82 & 83 are the ones that I did in May of 2020, but I was just guided to do an updated version for 2021, and of course it lands on today, 1.12.2021.

I did my best to keep it short before the meditation, because I go into great detail in those prior episodes, please listen to episode 82 prior to doing listening to and doing this guided meditation.

I also just published a new E-Book that's available on my website for download, it contains some of the information on my website, but again--I was guided to do a lot of updates, so there's new information there as well.

Read it to learn more about how energy cords work and why you should do this practice, and who you should cut cords from.


P.S. Don't forget to check out the Cord Cutting E-Book available on my website!

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