Ep. 102, Meeting Lilyth & The Seer Oracle Messages


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Soul Family,

Yesterday I was guided to pull an Oracle card and that was highlighted in my last episode, THE GATHERING.

Today, I was guided to pull another card and then get into the story of how Lilyth, GAIA's TWIN SISTER came to meet with me and introduce herself to everyone.

I hope you enjoy this Oracle Message and getting to know a little bit about Lilyth.

She'll be around much more in the future as we work with GAIA, we work with her.

Check out the companion article on Medium titled, Meeting Lilyth, September Zoom Gatherings & Oracle Messages that goes along with this reading. If it is not yet published when you read this, check back a bit later, it has been submitted to the Illumination publication.



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Be guided today, and always Live In Love.

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