The unsolved murder of Julie Perigo: It’s 1986 and Berwick is at war with Russia


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On May 23rd 1986 Julie Perigo told a friend that she was meeting a man named “Old Geoff”. A week later she was found murdered in her home. Police have never traced “Old Geoff” and 35 years on, her killing remains Sunderland’s longest unsolved murder – despite a list of 6000 suspects.

But could Margaret from the chip shop hold the key to solving this case?

1986 was also the year the bloody and brutal 300 year war between Britain and the Netherlands finally came to an end – we’re surprised you don’t remember it.

Along the way, a baby is stolen – but don’t worry, it’s just one of Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s odder children’s books.

Gareth explains were all the humans have gone in Pixar’s Cars. Claire’s Christmas present is decided. John is bewildered by aspects of his wife’s romantic past. Berwick declares war on Russia.

Everyone Dies in Sunderland explores some of the darkest moments of North East history, and includes jokes. These jokes will never be at the expense of victims or their families and will always be at the expense of people who deserve to be mocked, robbed of their power and shown up for the idiots they really are. If you’re easily offended or personally connected to the events we’re discussing though,you probably shouldn’t listen.

For all our snark, there could be someone still out there with a murderous hatred of women who has never been brought to justice. If anyone does have information that could help this or any other historic investigation then they can call police on 101 or report it anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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