EDU006 Tech Infrastructure as OER – Jim Groom, DS106 und Reclaim Hosting


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1. Vorwort (00:00:00)

2. Jim Groom – from dropout via edupunk to entrepreneur (00:02:12)

3. DS106 – a huge learning community on digital storytelling (00:05:07)

4. (Not) Talking about OER (00:16:49)

5. A aaggregator of blogs as a learning hub (00:18:54)

6. (Rambling on coffee, caffeine and conferences) (00:21:19)

7. The assignment bank for and by students (00:22:16)

8. Why do learners do NOT take over control on their own education? (00:25:13)

9. The personal API – a novel approach on technological infrastructure for educational institutions (00:27:15)

10. A brief introduction into the idea of APIs (00:37:13)

11. Calypso and APIs – How open is WordPress? (00:48:46)

12. Reclaim Hosting – A domain of own's own (00:52:48)

13. Balancing the power of the individuals and the common goods (00:59:31)

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