ENC206 – How to gain SAP Expertise and why enablement is core for transformation and change with Lora Huysamen and Itumeleng Dlamini


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Lora and Itumeleng both are fellows of AFRIKA KOMMT! at SAP and actually found out through this podcast where we introduced the program in episode 84. Lora has a background in SAP consulting and recently user enablement, Itumeleng is a chartered accountant and now works on transformation and change in the finance area. Both explain their journeys in how to build up SAP skills and expertise and why change management and user enablement is key for the digital transformation. We also look at success factors and tips and beyond technology how learning and education can drive personal and economic growth. More like always in the EducationNewscast


Lora Huysamen on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lora-huysamen/
Itumeleng Dlamini on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/itumeleng-dlamini-3366346a
Afrika kommt Website: https://afrika-kommt.de/
SAP Enable Now: https://www.sap.com/products/hcm/enable-now.html
Education NewsCast 084 – AFRIKA KOMMT! at SAP – More than a Talent Development Program:


1. Start (00:00:16)

2. Introduction Lora Huysamen (00:01:00)

3. Introduction Itumeleng Dlamini (00:03:05)

4. Loras and Itumelengs learning journeys (00:06:36)

5. Digital enablement in transformation projects (00:23:21)

6. Upskilling young people (00:34:21)

7. Loras and Itumelengs narratives, learning tips and -hacks (00:43:34)

8. Good Bye (00:53:11)

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