ENC155 – Learning Circle Experience – A new learning approach to learn future skills


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In this podcast Sophie Hartman, Program Manager of the DSAG-Academy, Simon Dückert – founder of Cogneon Academy and LernOS Community Initiator, and Thomas Jenewein from SAP Training are interviewed by Christoph Haffner. In this podcast we take a general look on a new self-organized peer-learning format and share interesting information about the “what, why and how”. Further, we introduce the “Experience.Circle.Learning.” program for the SAP ecosystems including SAP customers, SAP partners and SAP employees. With topic-specific learning guides on Getting Things Done, Diversity and Inclusion as well as Sketchnoting, small learning groups (circles consisting of 5 people) meet for a joint learning journey from September to December 2021. Besides improving personal productivity and strengthening the competence of self-directed learning everyone can work during the 12 weeks of the Learning Circle Experience on important lifelong learning skills and increase their network. In the podcast you hear more about the general learning approach and the cost-free program.


Registration page for the Learning Circle Experience https://events.sap.com/de/learning-circle-experience/de/home_en
LernOS page for background info https://cogneon.github.io/lernos/en/


1. Start (00:00:16)

2. Introduction Sophie Hartmann (00:01:50)

3. Introduction Simon Dückert (00:02:36)

4. What is a Learning Circle Experience? (00:03:38)

5. Who and how? Involving SAP and the ecosystem (00:06:43)

6. Why a Learning Circle? (00:11:09)

7. The learning topics (00:15:53)

8. Some tips for successful learning (00:21:16)

9. Good Bye (00:28:51)

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