ENC150 – Learning and Development for HR Professionals with Enrico Palumbo


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Enrico leads the team at SAP responsible for Learning and Development of all HR employees at SAP. In the podcast he shares tips and experiences on what he calls “cooking for chefs”. Like how to align learning to business activities via attaching it to compelling events and make time for learning. Enrico shares some concrete projects like the “insight SAP” format, an innovative format for learning business acumen. We also talk about job shadowing and rotation programs, as well as how technology supports his team in their daily work like via learning recommendations. Enricos positive narrative is: “Learning is a gift” and as a learn-hack he forces himself to read things he is not interested in the first sight. Find out more in the podcast.


100 year life book and website: https://www.100yearlife.com/
Kerngebiete der Psychologie – Eine Einführung an Filmbeispielen: https://www.utb-shop.de/autoren/barrabas-reinhard/kerngebiete-der-psychologie-7147.html


1. Start (00:00:17)

2. Introduction Enrico Palumbo (00:01:01)

3. Experiences in HR Enablement (00:02:22)

4. Example programs (00:04:12)

5. The power of shadowing (00:06:53)

6. How technology supports HR Enablement (00:13:06)

7. Enricos narratives, learning tips and -hacks (00:14:31)

8. Good Bye (00:24:31)

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