Folge 259: MMA Special


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Mit Profi WXC Fighter Willis Silverback Black

Today have we again to guest a former and soon to be again champion MMA fighter Willis 'Silverback' Black. He was already in an episode and has shortly after his championship title lost. We have with that of course nothing to do and who says we are schuld on that is a dirty liar! :) We most certainly did not get paid millions of dollars to derail his carrer via infecting him with our terrible karma! But none of that matters because Willis is back!! He had to take some time off to have his shoulder operated on and to get some personal affairs in order, all that in the times of covid mind you, and is now determined to get back into championship shape. The recovery for his shoulder is long complete and he's been training to come back to hit harder than ever as soon as his management can find someone crazy enough to get into a cage with him. We talk to Willis about his time off, his plans for his future in the UFC and everything in between.

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