How to increase your intelligence and boost your creativity with Neurofeedback and forgiveness procedures - Dr. James Hardt


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Dr. James Hardt is a pioneer of Neurofeedback. He has published seminal scientific work in the 1970s and is still providing trainings in his Biocybernaut Centers.

But it is not all about technique, it is about how you work with the clients outside the feedback training. And you might be surprised, but a key method is forgiveness.

Many people have been to his facilities and changed their lives - Dave Asprey (Bullettproof), Vishen Lakhiani (Mindvalley), and last but not least Tony Robbins.

Listen to this conversation in which James Hardt revealed the beginnings of his career in the Neurofeedback world. He also tells us the story of how Dave Asprey came up with his own training in Seattle.

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