288-Listen for Intimacy


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When she says, "We just don't communicate," or "You never listen,"...she is talking about this learnable skill.

Listen to her heart. Listen to understand. Listen to let her know you understand and care.

Not listening to respond or even defend yourself.

It is to listen to her emotions and sit with her in her pain. To be curious and to give her a safe space to share. When she shares her emotions (her heart) vulnerably, you are witnessing courage.

You are on sacred ground.

Tread carefully and gently.

For Mother's Day, just the other weekend --

Did I get diamonds?

A weekend getaway at a fancy resort?

A stainless steel, 14-quart Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker?

I mean...

Sure those would have been good gifts.


what I got was priceless:

Hours of his full attention.

He got excited about what I shared.

He cared about what matters to me -- how I'm growing,

how I was feeling,

and genuinely wanted to hear more.

He noticed my feelings -- wanted to hold space for them --

and held me emotionally...

And...well...did what I teach you to do in today's episode.

It was far more fulfilling than those other things ever could be.

(Just FYI, when he surprised me with my favorite wine, beautiful glasses, roses, and sitting together in a gorgeous spot in Central Park...that did add to the intimately fulfilling conversation. :)



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