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Pingel Braat is a transformational movement coach, owner of Move into Joy center for holistic wellbeing and above all a passionate Sparkle guide. Practising her own unique combination of dance, somatic movement, energy work and creative practise helped her re-member herself home in her body, re-ignite her inner sparkle. After years of struggling with feelings of depression and fatigue she found her way to live her life from a place of curiosity, creativity and vitality. Ever since she guides other women to build a loving, caring relationship with themselves and finding their sparkle and vitality as well. To live life as art. Beside being a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and body centred energetic therapist with a professional background in dance and art, she studied various other somatic movement modalities, dance practices and healing forms in the field of trauma, personal growth and holistic vitality. Last year she followed her heart and dream to Spain to create a cozy retreat center for holistic wellbeing in the midst of beautiful nature. Currently she offers a combination of self pacing online programs (dutch spoken) and online in-person retreats at From January 2021 on she will be offering English spoken hybrid programs as well.

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