John ::: Beyond Pain and Posture, the Feldenkrais Method for Musicians


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John Tarr studied Trombone Performance (Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees) in the USA. While working as a freelance musician, he attended a Feldenkrais Method (FM) workshop for musicians and realized that the FM held great potential for improving and maintaining musicians’ health. At first he was interested in working with preventing injuries but soon discovered that the FM also had much to offer in the way of enhancing performance. After completing a FM teacher training program, John began private practice in 1996. Through his wide range of experience, he has been able to help many students find meaningful solutions for a wide variety of problems and difficulties. John has also taught weekly group classes (Awareness Through Movement) since 1996 and has presented the FM to music schools and institutions in Europe and the USA. In 2004, he self-published a series of FM lessons specifically for musicians entitled, “The Dynamic Musician Series: Dynamic Posture and Breath, Volume 1” and Volume 2 in 2007. In 2006, he became an Assistant trainer and has since been teaching in various Feldenkrais Teacher Training Programs as well as teaching advanced training for practitioners in Europe and the USA. In addition to working as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, John has remained active as a performing musician and teacher. In teaching trombone, and working with other musicians in his practice, his expertise is in using the FM to enhance learning and musical expression. John is currently teaching brass instruments at Växjös Kulturskola (Växjö’s School of the Arts) in Sweden, where his current focus is on integrating his experience from the Feldenkrais Method into music pedagogy. John can be contacted at and his lessons for musicians are available from Achieving

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