Erin ::: Finding elements of freedom in music performance and education through Feldenkrais


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Erin Finkelstein is a clarinetist with Urban Nocturnes and the Carmel Bach Festival. Erin is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 14 years experience helping people from all walks of life live a more satisfying and vibrant life, in person and on zoom! 1:40 How I got into Feldenkrais, and TMJ 7:40 Why we keep studying Feldenkrais 10:00 Physical and mental considerations and shifts 11:20 Shoulders and Breathing, how to feel upper rib functioning 13:00 Giving the authority back to the self, mini Pelvis lesson 16:50 Psychological considerations of the method and music - change the boy to change the mind 21:14 "The right way" to learn, structure, and process of learning to access the older brain 23:40 Body Awareness, Sensorial Awareness and musical Phrasing 28:03 Group lessons and constraints in lessons 29:40 "Magical" hands-on lessons 34:44 What changed in me after my training 39:50 Having choices, finding flexibility 43:06 Habits 45:38 Pandemic and online group classes 48:00 Hive Healing House Acupuncture and New Office 53:47 The art of taking time off for ease in learning 57:00 Over practicing and Feldenkrais - what is missing in Music Education 107:27 Piano lessons and eye movements in today's world

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