Commuter Knitter - WFH Edition - Episode 113 - A Friday Afternoon Chat


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You've Arrived at Your Destination

Bean & Olive and Bean & Olive Grown-up by Andrea Mowry


  • Stephen West – Painting Honeycombs Shawl
    • Dragonfly Fibers – Dragon Sock – Dr. Frankenstein (May 2013 club colorway)
      • Kate stepped away from Dragonfly in 2019. In 2020, Amy from Canon Hand Dyes and Lisa from White Birch Fiber Arts bought the business
    • Knit Style Yarns – Trendy Sock Minis – Party at the Mansion
    • Stephen's YouTube Tutorial for Painting Honeycombs

Road Trips

Your Mileage May Vary

I discuss my own yarn shopping habits

Backseat Drivers

The twins join me for sound checks with my new microphone

Come Find me on the Interwebs

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