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Episode 3 Dale Williams
42 Year-Old husband, and Father Dale Williams was a well-liked, and well-known around the town of Nucla, Colorado; a town of less than 1,000 people. Dale, the owner of a body shop, had the reputation as someone who would help anyone in need. After Dale and his wife helped a friend move away from her abusive husband, Dale found that his shop was broken into, and photos of Dale and this couple were found torn up on the floor next to some bullets. Dale's gun had also been stolen, and later turned up when it was placed in the drop slot at his wife's video store. Was this an ominous warning of some kind? On May 27, 1999 following this incident, Dale received a mysterious phone call at his shop from someone asking for help with car trouble they supposedly had. An ear witness caught part of the conversation, and got the impression the call came from a woman. Dale ventured out to help the person, and along the way stopped to talk to a friend of his. This friend got the impression that Dale was worried somehow about heading out to help the motorist in need, and sensed that he had really stopped by to see if her husband was around to perhaps go with him. Unfortuately, he wasn't and Dale drove off to help the motorist in trouble. It was the last time he was ever seen. Dale vanished along with his truck; a white 1994 Ford F250 pickup. When Dale's didn't come home, his wife knew something was wrong. A search for Dale and his truck came up empty. When Dale's wife put missing persons flyers up, she was shocked to find out someone was taking them down- someone they knew. It wasn't until weeks later that someone fishing at an area swimming hol,e known only to locals, discovered Dale's truck submerged in 13 feet of water. Police recovered it, but there was no sign of Dale. In the weeks, months, and years after the discovery of Dale's truck, his tools began to turn up on the side of the road not far from where his truck was found. Sadly, Dale never turned up, and was declared legally dead, suspected to be a victim of a homicide.
Over the years, rumors have swirled in the small town of Nucla about what happened to Dale Williams, but as of now, there is no clear answer.
Dale's Daughter Tonee Lawrence & Profiler Doug McGregor are the guests in this episode. They help us get a sense both of Dale's life, and the area he went missing in.
If you have information about Dale’s case, please call the Colorado Bureau of investigation at 970-248-7500
For more information about the case visit: http://whereisdalewilliams.net/
and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missingdalewilliams/
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