516 - Time Cuba feat. Brendan James & Noah Kulwin (4/20/21)


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Get tickets to FRQNCY1 Festival here: https://frqncy.live/frqncy1 Some more info about the festival and how it works here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/50090694 Brendan and Noah return to the show to discuss BLOWBACK, SEASON 2. We talk about the history of the Cuban revolution and the American response, the involvement of the mafia and U.S. clandestine services, and ongoing tensions in U.S.-Cuban relations. Then, we have classic reading series wherein Thomas Friedman reflects on two decades of being wrong about Afghanistan. Get flat, folks! The new season of Blowback is on Stitcher Premium, and you can get a month free if you go to stitcher.com/premium, select a monthly plan and use the promo code: BLOWBACK. Once you sign up you can listen on your browser, or you can download the Stitcher app on your phone.

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