#87: AI-enabled smart robots in fulfillment and warehouse automation (Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CTO, GreyOrange)


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Der BVL.digital Podcast (Bundesvereinigung Logistik)

On today's episode of the BVL Digital Podcast we have another interesting international guest. Akash Gupta is one of the two founders and the Chief Technology Officer of GreyOrange.

GreyOrange combines smart warehouse and fulfillment robots with an AI-enabled platform and has become one of the major global players in this fast-growing, quickly evolving field.

Akash is a young guy from India, where he started his company ten years ago in his early twenties.

GreyOrange may not be a household name here in Germany yet, but that could be about to change because GreyOrange is making a major push into the European marke.

So, it’s time to take a closer look at what Akash and his team at GreyOrange is up to.

Together with our host Boris Felgendreher Akash discusses the followin topics:

  • Akash's journey from rural India to meeting his co-founder through a college robot competition to founding GreyOrange

  • The state of warehouse and fulfillment automation during the founding days of GreyOrange

  • How the field has rapidly evolved in the last 10 years

  • The challenges of logistics and fulfillment in 2021 and how GreyOrange's technology is addressing key issues like peak season

  • The technology behind GreyOrange: Smart robots and the AI-enabled GreyMatter platform

  • The importance of interoperability

  • The role of AI

  • The company's expansion across the globe and into Europe

  • And more

Helpful links:

GreyOrange: https://www.greyorange.com/

BVL.digital: http://bvl.digital/

BVL: https://www.bvl.de/

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