#05: Jannie Mcleod, CEO TEDx Melbourne on positive leadership, purpose and meaning


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#05: Jannie Mcleod, CEO TEDx Melbourne on positive leadership, ownership and meaning.

I am so happy to share this incredible interview with you.
Jannie Mcleod is a powerful female leader and the CEO of the renown TEDx Conference in Melbourne.

In the interview we talk about:
* What authentic, positive leadership really means
* Why a leader needs to be the first one to trust
* How a strong purpose keeps a team together
* Why it is crucial to be aware of our own perception
* How we get the right people 'on the bus'
... and so much more.
This interview is full of heart, vulnerability and great, specific business advice.

Enjoy listening and let me know what you think of the interview and what you took away from the episode.
Connect with me via Instagram: businessatheart and join the conversation on bringing more heart into the business world.

'We are in it together.'

In the interview, Jannie talks about the analogy of 'getting the right people on the bus.' This is from the book by Jim Collins: Good to Great

Contact details:
E-Mail: info@nathaliewilhelm.com

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