Ep. #1-Health Coach Tavia talks about her journey to becoming a health coach after years of being mis-diagnosed with Lyme disease


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Tavia Morse-Salvadalena
In this episode, Tavia talks about her journey of seeking help with her health and going misdiagnosed for over 10 years! And how she turned her complete medical mess into her message.
After going to the doctors for stomach issues, migraines, pains, sinus infections, female issues, and flu-like symptoms AND after seeing the musician and artist Avril Levinge on the Today show- She had a pivotal turning point in her journey.
She sought help-outside the box and finally got the answers she needed to start healing and getting well.
In 2015 Tavia was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.
Along her journey, she started to shift her purpose in life. She believed there was something better she needed to be doing with this disease. She believed she was given this disease for a reason.
In 2018 Tavia started to turn her passion of fighting her illness into a better purpose. Tavia went back to school and received her certification in health and life coaching all while she was trying to get her Lyme disease into remission.
Tavia has also achieved a mastery level coaching certificate and has successfully studied Functional Nutrition, Tavia is a graduate of Eastern Washington University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with minors in Sociology and Sociology.
She is passionate about helping others get out of their hell. She loves finding the root cause of people’s health conditions when all hope is lost. If you are ready to step on the other side of sickness and back to wellness, give Tavia a chance.
To learn more about Tavia you can go to www.healthcoachtavia.com and follow her on IG @healthcoachtavia.
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