Sunrise Mind: and suddenly it runs easier


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Would you like to try hypnosis?
Normally I write the hypnosis journeys individually for my athletes. Fin tis version my goal was to write it in a way that it can reach many people: I have written a hypnosis for all runners. Whether you run fast or slow, this visualization exercise is modeled after Milton Erickson's classic hypnosis and offers you the opportunity to relax while building your skills in running, work life, or stressful situations in general.
Please really listen to this episode while relaxing and lying down; definitely do not listen while driving or running. You will not be roadworthy while listening, as you will enter a pleasant state of relaxation while listening. Falling asleep is possible. :) How to do that? Just listen in. I look forward to your feedback on social media.Feel free to tag me! You can find me as @freiwasser on Instagram.
Here you can find the English hypnosis version for you as a runner.

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