BW328 – Branchenfunk Mai 2020


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News Rückblick Personalien Jens Nygaard Knudsen ist gestorben ASMODEE ADDS INTERACTIVE GAMES LICENSING MANAGER - Christian Dunn ASMODEE CANADA HIRES GM FOR LION RAMPANT - Kevin Ratko PEGASUS SPIELE HIRES ASMODEE NA VET AS SALES & MARKETING EXEC - Johanna Sadkovich Johanna Sadkovich Joins Pegasus Spiele as Sales and Marketing Executive North America  Paizo Announces New Hires, Promotions  Sam Healey Relaunches Dice Steeple Podcast  Vertrieb Was ist Bei Alliance/Diamond passiert DIAMOND CANCELS RETAILER SUMMIT Alliance Halts Payments to Vendors; Asmodee to Leave Alliance in July 2020 DIAMOND HALTING DISTRIBUTION OF NEW PRODUCT, ALLIANCE SHUTTING DOWN COMPLETELY DEVIR GAMES WILL SELL DIRECT TO RETAILERS DURING COVID-19 CRISIS VIZ CONTINUES SHIPPING MANGA TO BOOK CHANNEL DIAMOND, ALLIANCE SUSPEND REGULAR PAYMENTS DIAMOND DETAILS DELAYED PAY-OUTS FOR PUBLISHERS, ALLIANCE HANDLED DIFFERENTLY DIAMOND, ALLIANCE FURLOUGH EMPLOYEES Alliance Game Distributors to Furlough Employees  MARVEL FURLOUGHS EMPLOYEES DIAMOND PLANS TO RESUME SHIPPING NEW PRODUCT 'MID- TO LATE MAY' DIAMOND TO RESUME WEEKLY NEW PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION AWA STUDIOS SIGNS COMIC CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE WITH DIAMOND Was ist bei Amazon passiert AMAZON ENDS NON-ESSENTIAL INCOMING SHIPMENTS; B&N CEO SAYS 'WE WILL SUFFER' GAMA LAUNCHES GAME STORE LOCATOR WITH STATUS INFO BARNES & NOBLE HAS 120 STORES OPEN AMAZON TO RESUME NON-ESSENTIAL SHIPMENTS ASMODEE DELAYS ALL NEW RELEASES ASMODEE SUSPENDS NEW RELEASES THROUGH MAY LUMA, GREATER THAN GAMES, JAPANIME, MORE GAME COMPANIES SUSPEND SHIPMENTS Store Support: Haba - WOTC ANNOUNCES GAME STORE RELIEF ANOTHER FREE PRODUCT FOR RETAILERS FROM WOTC Pegasus - EMERGENCY CREDIT FOR COMIC STORES? 'STATUS' ADDED TO COMIC SHOP LOCATOR, TKO OFFERING TO SHARE ONLINE SALES DC DONATES $250K, JIM LEE DONATING ART TO HELP COMIC RETAILERS VIA BINC HUMBLE BUNDLE FOR COVID-19 RELIEF RAISES OVER $1.3 MILLION IN FIRST DAY ‘Virus’ Card Game by Goliath to Help Fund COVID-19 Research  GAMA Provides Retail Support List  CARES ACT IMPROVES OPTIONS FOR RETAILERS, OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES FEDERAL PROGRAMS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES RUN OUT OF MONEY ROLLING FOR INITIATIVE -- $349 BILLION GONE IN 14 DAYS Asmodee Germany Launch Retailer Initiative, ‘Open! Back in the Game’  Spiel Direkt - Pegasus - GAMES WORKSHOP SHUTS DOWN OPERATIONS GAMES WORKSHOP UPDATES SHUTDOWN GAMES WORKSHOP CREATES FREE SPECIAL EDITION MODEL FOR INDEPENDENT RETAILERS Games Workshop Secures Operating Loan, Reopens Warehouse, Some Stores  Hintergrund: WORLD ACCORDING TO GRIEPP: DISTRIBUTOR CASH FLOW 101 NPD Reports Game & Puzzle Sales Up 228% For Week Ending March 21  U.S. Game and Puzzle Sales Grew by 55% in Q1  WORLD ACCORDING TO GRIEPP: GEEK WINTER IS COMING CMON Links: Charlie Theel Digs into High Society, Tom Felber Burns Bridges, and Hong Kong Suspends Trading in CMON Limited CMON Trading suspended ANNUAL REPORT DELAYED, TRADING SUSPENDED IN CMON CMON Suspends Stock Trading, Independent Directors Resign  CMON Response CMON RELEASES MORE INFO ON 'GOING CONCERN' ISSUE CMON Responds to Business Speculation, Reassures Consumers  COVID-19 at the Gaming Table IV: Delayed Releases, Free Games, and a Print-and-Play Design Contest Asmodee Launches ‘Print & Play’ Website with Popular Titles  Pegasus Free PnP Feuerland Regain English, French Rights, Partners with Capstone Games  Quartalsergebnisse Spin Master to Report Q1 Results May 6, Asks Shareholders Not to Attend Annual Meeting  Hasbro Announces Q1 Earnings Call  Hasbro’s Annual Meeting will be Virtual Only  HASBRO'S TOTAL GAMING BUSINESS UP 40% IN Q1 Hasbro Gaming is Highlight of First Quarter, 40% Growth Over Last Year  Events GAMA EXPO WRAPS UP A BAD WEEK US tabletop event Origins delayed to autumn, ‘virtual convention’ to be held this summer POKEMON SHUTS DOWN ORGANIZED PLAY FANTASY FLIGHT POSTPONES IN-STORE OP UNTIL FALL 'YU-GI-OH! ORGANIZED PLAY POSTPONEMENTS EXTENDED ORIGINS DECISION DEFERRED, ATLAS OFFERS LOCAL GAME DROP, GFE HQ WORKS FROM HOME CORONAVIRUS TAKES ITS TOLL ON GEEK CULTURE EVENTS EVENTS PLATFORM PATRON CEO ON COVID-19 IMPACT ON FAN EVENTS ALA ANNUAL CONFERENCE CANCELED, AWESOME CON DELAYED, ACE COMIC CON SUES GROWTIX, MORE GAMA POSTPONES ORIGINS GAME FAIR Origins Postponed, BGG Spring Cancelled  Toy Association Launches ‘Toy Fair Everywhere’ A Series of Week-Long Virtual Events  Steve Jackson Games Hosts Virtual Fnord Con  Berlin Brettspiel Con Postpones to December  UK Games Expo Cancels August Event  GardenCon will become PaizoCon Francia  As Large German Events Cancel, Spiel Still Hopeful  Paizo Announces PaizoCon Online for May 26-31  BoardGameGeek Announce BGG.CONline for May 20-21  Anmeldung Hamburg - Anmeldung Rostock - Diverses Union Vote at TCGplayer Suspended  KICKSTARTER LAYS OFF 40% AFTER BIG DROP IN PROJECTS Dungeons & Dragons Records 6th Consecutive Year of Growth  Gamemasters Movie Picked up for Distribution by Gravitas Ventures  The Army Painter Shifts from Paint to Hand Sanitizer  From Hedbanz to Hospitals  Spin Master Awarded Record Damages in Chinese Patent Dispute  Mattel Rolls Out Sugarcane-based Plastics in Time for Earth Day  Mattel to Reduce Non-Manufacturing Workforce by 4%  UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE WARGAME – PATENTS IN BOARD GAMING Hasbro Reaches Settlement in Marisa Pawelko Trade Secrets Case  New U.S. Age Determination Guidelines go in Effect June 1  Award Links: Leacock on Pandemic in Today's World, Tales of Tricks Taken, and Nominees for the 2020 Origins Awards Winners Announced for 14th Annual Golden Geek Awards  Deutscher Computerspielpreis


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