Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 0 - The Teaser!!


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Yes, it's finally time! Today I'm thrilled to announce my new podcast venture, which you'll be able to hear in earnest later this week, and my new partner in crime, the great Nick Ashbourne!
As the name suggests, Blue Jays Happy Hour is going to hit your podcast player of choice every Friday afternoon, just in time to recap the week and get you set for each Blue Jays weekend series. In time we’ll have guests, bonus episodes, and all that good stuff I’m sure you’ve been waiting for. And for today we’ve got a brief teaser to introduce ourselves and whet your appetite for what’s to come starting later this week!
I’m sure most of you already know Nick from his excellent work at Sportsnet and Yahoo Sports covering the Jays, but if not be sure to give him a follow on Twitter. Then give our little preview-sode a listen, and if you’re able to find us on your podcast app of choice, go and smash that subscribe button.
If you’re not able to find us just yet, don’t worry, part of the idea of putting out a mini episode now is to make sure everything is working as smoothly as possible on the back end of things for Friday, when we’ll be honouring George Springer by also making our belated 2021 season debut.
Talk soon!
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