Tim Akinbo: Bitcoin is a Store of Value for the African People


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My guest in this episode is Tim Akinbo. He comes from Nigeria and is involved in the Bitcoin space since 2014. I got to know Tim when I asked for bitcoin donations for a school in Harare, Zimbabwe. He contacted me on Twitter and offered to setup a BTCpayserver so that we can receive lightning payments, too. That was of great help. I looked him up and realized that Tim is also a Bitcoin Core contributor, Software developer and has a lot of experience with e-commerce and international payments.

“I think from an individual perspective, Bitcoin will make it possible for people to really, really save, on the African continent.” – Tim Akinbo

“I really have not been able to figure out, if any other Altcoin really has any use case, besides probably providing some avenue for a speculation, but in terms of real world use cases, I don’t think that any of the so-called limitations of Bitcoin are strong enough to actually kind of overcome it’s network effects and liquidity.” – Tim Akinbo

Our topics:

  • How he learned about Bitcoin
  • His contribution to Bitcoin Core
  • The use-cases for Bitcoin in Nigeria and Ghana
  • Methods of payments in Nigeria
  • How Bitcoin is traded in Africa
  • Why the trading volume in Africa increased during the Corona pandemic
  • His perspective on zimbo.cash
  • Use-cases for Altcoins
  • The deprecation of the Naira and other African currencies
  • Bitcoin as a store of value for African people
  • His new project to make full nodes in Africa visible


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