Erv Puckett and Ric Joyner Bible Study: Ephesians 1:1-4


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Erv is approaching his 1st anniversary after becoming born again. His life has dramatically changed.

The second week we had a Bible Study he said something similar to this: "Ric and Pete, I am stuck at home with my pancreatic cancer. I do not know if I will live long. But how can God use me? How can I share the Gospel with people". Pete and I shared that we should just ask God for the opportunity. Erv, within two or three weeks, was sharing the Gospel of Christ in a youth prison where he still serves! He was asked to run a nursing Bible study AND has found a home church. Your prayers have helped to put him in remission! God's glory! His testimony has been seen thousands of times on youtube and Facebook! He is sharing what God has done for him! You can too!

Ric and Erv started a bible study that we have been doing all year. We decided to record them so people could enjoy the back and forth and use good bible study principles. Ric gets to see the changes in Erv. His wife says to him when he gets grumpy (and you would too if you were sick with cancer), "Hey, are you reading your bible and talking to Ric?" He picks up the phone! This is mentoring and we are mentoring each other! Grab a mentor.

This week we start a study in Ephesians.

We learn about these topics.

1. What is the will of God? How do we find it? Did you know God wants you to please Him with your life? But how?

2. What is the difference between an Apostle and Disciple?

3. We talk about what Grace is and what it is not, and why we need to respond to God

4. When Paul talks about Peace, what does he mean? Too often, we just read over verses and don't pause to ask the HS for help in understanding. Peace with God is a giant concept that needs to be understood. Paul sets the stage for understanding all of Ephesians with this simple line. Think: We have Peace with God! The war is over! We have eternal life and much, much more, as Paul will explain!

5. What does "in Christ" mean?

Join us for these Bible Studies. Ask questions. Let's be a community of bible studiers, so we learn to live a life pleasing to God.

His world, His rules, His Power in us!

Erv's testimony is here:

Thanks, everyone please watch, listen and share.

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