BeatsfortheStreets Sendung v. 2. November 2020 – Playlist Sendung vom 2. November 2020: Wahlsondersendung Teil 2 – „The greatest american rockbands of all times“ und the „Best of american Folk Music“ !!!


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Interpret: Thievery Corporation
Album: „Culture of Fear“
Song: „ Tower 7“
anno 2011

1st Parade of the greatest US Bands

Interpret: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Album: „Greatest Hits“
Song: „Something in the air“
anno 1993

Interpret: Nirvana
Album: „Nevermind“
Song: „Smells like teen spirit“
anno 1919

Interpret: Eagles
Album: „Hotel California“
Song: „detto“

Interpret: Lynard Skynard
Album: „Second helping“
Song: „Sweet home alabama“
anno 1973

Interpret: Boston
Album: „Boston“
Song: „detto“
anno 1976

Interpret: The Allman Brothers Band
Album: „detto“
Song: „Dreams“
anno 1969

Interpret: Steely Dan
Album: „Can’t buy a Thrill“
Song: „do it again“
anno 1972

Interpret: Aerosmith – USB
Album: „detto“
Song: „Dream on“
anno 1973

Interlude 1 Music:

Interpret: Brad Mehldau Trio
Album: Blues and Ballads
Song: „And I love her“ – Lennon/McCartney – Beatles

Slow and almost unknow: 5 selected Folk Jewels

Interpret: John Prine
Album: „John Prine“
Song: „Hello in there“
anno 1970

Interpret: Willie Nelson
Album: „First Rose of Spring“
Song: „Love just loved“
anno 1978

Interpret: Joni Mitchell
Album: „Clouds“
Song: „Both sides now“
anno 1969

Interpret: Johnny Cash (!!!)
Album: „Unearthed 4 Cd Box – Vol. 3: Redemption Songs
Song: „Redemption Song“ – mit Joe Strummer – The Clash
anno 2003

Interpret: Gordon Lightfoot
Album: „Gord’s Golds“
Song: „Early morning rain“
anno 1975

Interlude Music 2:

Interpret: Thievery Corporation
Album: „Culture of Fear“
Song: „ Fragments“
anno 2011

More greatest american Rock Music – 2nd Parade

Interpret: The Doors
Album: „L.A Woman“
Song: „Riders on the storm“
anno 1971

Interpret: The Killers
Album: „Day and Age“
Song: „Human“
Anno 2008

Interpret: R.E.M
Album: „Out of time“
Song: „Belong“
anno 1991

Interpret: Fleetwood Mac
Album: „Rumours“
Song: „Never going back again“
anno 1977

Interpret: Little Feat
Album: „Waiting for Columbus“
Songs: „Join the Band“ und „Fat Man in the Bathtub“
anno 1978

Interpret: Chicago
Album: Chicago Transit authority“
Song: „Beginnings“
anno 1970

Interpret: Santana
Album: „Santana III“
Song: „ No one to depend on“
anno 1971

Interpret: Thievery Corporation
Album: „Abductions and reconstructions“
Song: „Avatars of Dub“
anno 1999

Interpret: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Album: „Pendulum“
Song: „Have You ever seen the Rain“
anno 1970

Interpret: The Beach Boys
Album: „Summer days and summer nights“
Song: „Girl“
anno 1965

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