UK 2022: In Liz We Truss


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This week's episode examines Liz Truss’s election as Conservative Party leader and her new Cabinet, as well as previewing the upcoming the Italian General Election. As the UK mourns the loss of Her Majesty the Queen, they are also experiencing the first week of the Liz Truss premiership after she defeated former Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Who are some of the notable Cabinet appointments? What do the Cabinet appointments suggest about how her Government will differ from Boris Johnson’s? And how will the seismic royal news in the last week affect her Government agenda?

In Italy, voters will be heading to the polls in a few weeks time for a snap election after the collapse of the technocratic Draghi Government. Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party look set to win the election and form a right-wing government with their alliance partners, but Sam and Chern analyse the campaign and other involved parties. What has been behind the meteoric rise of the Brothers of Italy? And was this at the expense of The League? Why are the Five Star Movement projected to fall to fourth after winning the 2018 General Election? And why are the centre-left not a big factor this time? All these questions, and more, answered in this week's podcast.

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