Gerd Leonhard & Peter Vander Auwera: Chapter 8: Proaction versus Precaution


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In this podcast series, Gerd and his colleague, Petervan, are talking through the Chapters of Gerd Leonhard's book "Technology vs Humanity". Here is their latest podcast based on Chapter 8 of Gerd’s best-selling book Technology vs Humanity (Now available in 11 languages!) This week Peter and Gerd covered the topic of Proaction vs. Precaution. Precaution means looking proactively at what might happen—the possible consequences and unintended outcomes—before we proceed with a course of scientific exploration or technological development. On the other hand, too much proactivity will free some powerful and likely uncontrollable forces that we should keep locked up for the time being. Imagine the consequences of being too proactive with AI, geo-engineering, or human genome editing. Or entering an arms race with AI-controlled weapons that can kill without human supervision… If you enjoy Gerd's videos and talks, please also consider his new book “Technology vs Humanity” Most of Gerd Leonhard's previous books, presentations and slideshows are available via

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