A Future Mindset: CIO Academy Asia 2020 ConnectGov Summit: Futurist Gerd Leonhard


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Even before Covid-19, the world was accelerating at an unprecedented pace. And today, in the wake of the Corona crisis, society and business have seen decades-worth of disruption in the span of months as everything from healthcare and hospitals, to love, friendship, and business have been forcibly taken online. It has been an unparalleled transformation and we are not going back as the accelerated challenges (and opportunities) present themselves at a faster and faster pace, amplifying pre-existing trends and Megashifts to a rapidly evolving world where only those with a future mindset ready to adapt, change, and build resiliency will survive and thrive. You can watch the full video on Youtube, here: https://youtu.be/CIpkOayu-J8 For my complete keynote videos and films please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOHm-yfLAeTYdLd4fnALewA/videos

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