AG034 Arms Race in Outer Space (English episode)


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Without satellites, modern warfare can no longer work. More and more countries are therefore developing weapons to take down enemy satellites in the event of war. But this development potentially has a high price.

Daniel Porras
Daniel Porras

Karl Urban talks to Daniel Porras who works in Geneva in Switzerland as a researcher at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. Daniel published a paper in 2006. It is called The Common Heritage of Outer Space: Equal Benefits for most of Mankind. But more recently he is more and more involved with the severity of current space diplomacy.

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1. Introduction (00:00:00)

2. About Daniel Porras (00:01:21)

3. Increasing dependencies in outer space (00:05:10)

4. New conflicts in outer space (00:07:22)

5. Conflicts: undefined code of conduct (00:10:30)

6. Disarmament initiatives for outer space (00:15:37)

7. Trust and space situational awareness (00:24:16)

8. Close proximity operations and espionage (00:32:29)

9. Space diplomacy and commercial actors (00:36:13)

10. Space and the tragedy of the commons (00:40:52)

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