P.S. I Love You, America


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We've made it another birthday, America! Against all odds, we made it. And we're damn proud of it. As we begin to celebrate out birthday this weekend, we are conscious of our flaws now more than we have been in a long time. But we urge you to not let that sadden you. Let that strengthen your love for America. What greater love can you have for your country, than to see its flaws and decide to change them because you know we can be better. To love your country so much that you want to save it. So this holiday, remember what makes our country so great. It isn't politicians, it isn't the economy. Its you and me coming together for each other, because we want the best for each other, because that's love. Happy birthday America! In this episode, Trent has found his way to Missouri to be with his family, and he camped all along the way. Nick is frustrated with the government on all levels. Trent finally lets us know why he's so much better looking than Nick. Nick gets ready to run a half marathon. And we find out if Trent is the little spoon or the big spoon.

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