Ecofeminism, social media & the Climate Crisis | Our Voices, Our Choices


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In this episode, we talk to environmental activistsfrom Colombia, Pakistan and Zimbabwe about why the climate crisis is a feministissue and why the climate justice movement must embrace intersectionality inorder to affect more equitable change. We hear why we must do more than justlisten to climate activists calling out the lack of political will to keepfossil fuels in the ground, and instead listen to those on the ground who bring extensive knowledge and experience ofclimate change first hand. We discuss how eco-feminist spaces online can protectclimate activists from harassment, how digital storytelling can improve thelives of those most vulnerable to environmental injustices, what the limits ofsocial media are in light of the digital divide, and how cultivating a cultureof care within the climate justice movement - both online and offline - is bothnecessary and beneficial to its goals. (A Podcast by Esme Nicholson) Participants Maria Alexandra Escalante, Meera Ghani, Maggie Mapondera A Podcast by Esme Nicholson Editorial: Gitanjali More, Christoph Mayer, Katharina Prott Shownotes TierrActiva Colombia: an environmentalcollective that calls for ‘systemic change, not climate change’: Communities forFuture: an organisation that connects grassroots climate projects: WomIn African Alliance: an organisation that campaigns for an ecologically-just alternative to large-scale fossil fuel and mineral extraction: FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund: an organisation that advocates for funding young feminist activists engaged in intersectional climate justice work:

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