Growing Up AB!


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Welcome to my 3rd episode on the ABDL Crinkle Cast: "Growing up AB!" In this Podcast I am seated next to my Sissy baby Girl Crinkle Melanie, and we will discuss Growing up AB. On this Topic of Growing Up AB. We will open up about our or 1st meet up with other individuals with in the community, and we will discuss the feelings of excitement and joys when finding other kinksters locally within the ABDL community.
As a Mommy along with my baby girl we will speak on our experiences and the importance of understanding the reality and fantasy that can come along with living the age play lifestyle, and the importance of knowing and communicating your boundaries as a little and as a big.
We will also discuss the importance of being mentor in the community, respecting the roles that each of us play, and the importance of finding connections within the ABDL community around us.

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