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Hello everyone and welcome to my 4th episode of my podcast ABDL:Crinkle Cast. In this Episode I will be joined with Baby Brett. We will be discussing why we appreciate the ABDL lifestyle, and the things we are thankful for within our ABDL community, and our personal growth in the community.
Baby Brett and I will be sharing some of our personal thoughts on how we are thankful of the experiences we have had, and how we have grown within our ABDL friends. We will also be sharing our Ideas on social media and the growth of social networks and how they connect us to each other In real life.
One of things Baby Brett and I enjoy about our lifestyle is traveling to other ABDL conventions, and will be giving you a sneak peek into why we enjoy Age play conventions, and what they mean to us, and why we appreciate attending them.
Being in this lifestyle is wonderful and we have so many things to be thankful for, and in this podcast Baby Brett and I will share those wonderful experiences with the listeners.

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