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3 shows in 1! Regular - Any topic! Bonus - Post Match Bristol City. Robins Reunited - Ex Bristol City players recapping old times. The podcast is hosted by Patrick Warner, or Patch as he is most well-known, who was in Portland, Oregon in 2011 when he was asked on to his cousin’s podcast called The MitchCast. The podcast was two friends getting together to discuss a wide range of topics, from movies to reviewing drinks to playing games on air. Patch returned home and thought it would be great to replicate and expand on this. He approached his friends and former work colleagues, Mike Pedley and Rich Brown, both fellow banter merchants who were initially sceptical, but eventually the pilot episode was recorded and they haven’t looked back. No one episode is the same, it ranges from the three lads chatting about what they have been up to, making TV recommendations and using random questions to drive out witty banter and conversation. There are a few regular segments throughout. The “Room of Doom”, which is a play on the BBC one show Room 101, and also “Rich’s Rant”, which is a platform for Rich to get his latest bug bears off his chest. In addition to a 3-way chat, they have had a number of guests on the podcast to talk about their field of expertise, the lionshare of which have grown up or live in Bristol. We are constantly celebrating Bristol on this podcast and all it has to offer. Guests have ranged from TV personalities, sports stars, musicians, influencers, restuarants, directors, street food vendors, photographers, street artists, nutritionists, comedians, chefs, fundraisers, entrepreneurs and a poet (see episode index and showcase slides for more). The podcast has also reviewed events, books, go-karting venues, theme parks, restaurants and even a school reunion! So as you can see from the above we are not pigeon holed whatsoever, the only constant is fun! In February 2020 we began to do Bristol City post- match reviews with other fans to supplement the Radio Bristol style phone-in. Patch is a regular on Geoff Twentyman’s Sound of the City and conducts this Bonus Show with another regular on that show - Matthew Withers.

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