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Veteran journalist Joe Nocera’s neighbor in the Hamptons was a therapist named Ike. Ike counted celebrities and Manhattan elites as his patients. He’d host star-studded parties at his eccentric vacation house. But one summer, Joe discovered that Ike was gone and everything he’d thought he’d known about his neighbor -- and the house next door -- was wrong. From Wondery, the company behind Dirty John and Dr. Death, and Bloomberg, “The Shrink Next Door” is a story about power, control and turni ...
Any society that allows itself to become radically unequal eventually collapses into an uprising or a police state—or both. Join venture capitalist Nick Hanauer and some of the world’s leading economic and political thinkers in an exploration of who gets what and why. Turns out, everything you learned about economics is wrong. And if we don’t do something about rising inequality, the pitchforks are coming.
Join Jeremy Bolm, vocalist of Touché Amoré and founder of the record label Secret Voice, for his latest project, The First Ever Podcast. This is an honest look at the humble beginnings of all kinds of different artists - from actors and musicians to poets and photographers. Through conversation, Jeremy explores how their first experiences with their art form lead them to where they are today. In today’s world of instant gratification, it’s important to be reminded that not everything happens ...
Rap of Ages

Rap of Ages

DJ Turntable, Brian Sall, & Jarred Johnson

DJ Turntable, B-Geezy, and Jarred Johnson present the best of late 90s and early 2000s hip-hop. Why it was popular; what was happening; what they were thinking; and where it all went wrong. www.rapofages.com
Lorne Rubis, ATB Financial’s Chief Evangelist and author of the book, The Character Triangle, is a master of organizational culture. He and Lynette Turner, a leadership coach and consultant based in Toronto, tackle topics and issues relevant to today’s organizations. They take off from Lorne’s blog posts about emerging trends in leadership and organizational culture, which can be found at lornerubis.com. Topics range from how we work to how we relate to our colleagues, from organizational st ...
Phantom Punch Podcast

Phantom Punch Podcast

Johnny Southpaw and Apollo Ali

Phantom Punch Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring former amateur stand out, turned boxing aficionado, Johnny Southpaw and Hip Hop artist, song writer, producer, and grandson of the Great Jersey Joe Walcott, Apollo Ali. Together, Apollo & Southpaw discuss all things boxing, inside and outside the ropes. From Twitter beefs to must-see fights and the many ways boxing culture bleeds into pop-culture and everyday life. If you're looking for punch counts, stats and technical conversation, you've ...
Based off the book “Man Up, Already!”, this podcast is real, true, and engaging conversations about men, women, marriage, success, business, empowerment, sex, health, fitness, and anything else that Educates, Equips, and Empowers people to live out their Created Purpose!
If you love Texas Football, On Texas Football is for you. Burton, a Longhorn alum and one of the founders of Rivals.com and 247Sports.com, discusses the ins and outs of the nation's preeminent college sports program. Whether it's team or recruiting news, On Texas Football has you covered.
Following on from the smash-hit success of Series One of The Storyteller: Murder Most Foul, comes Series Two - Violent Delights. In this one-case deep dive, Isla Traquair returns to Scotland to investigate a true-crime Shakespearean tragedy involving a beautiful young housemaid to the Royal Family who is swept off her feet by a charismatic Prince Charming and ends up in the dock accused of murder. Her trial alongside two co-accused was the most sensational case in Scottish history with the t ...
A series of stories of disastrous turning points, dangerous ideas, crazy coincidences, unsung heroes and forgotten villains. From OZY’s Sean Braswell, host and creator of the chart-topping, Webby-nominated The Thread, comes a new show about how some of the best-laid plans can go horribly wrong, or prove unexpectedly magnificent.


Joy Road Media

It's been called The X-Files meets Beavis and Butt-head. And that's hugely insulting because this show is incredibly serious and perhaps may be the most important podcast ever recorded. Every Monday noted Critical Thinker Thomas Luge and his apprentice Lil Dickie Rickets sit down with heroes to cut through the misinformation presented by the corporate owned media. This is most certainly NOT an improvised parody of conspiracy theory culture turned homoerotic soap opera created by comedians Al ...
The national media can never seem to find a conservative Latino to speak on the big issues. It didn't take us long. All minorities are liberal right? WRONG! Chris Salcedo is about to turn the extreme left wing's narrative on its ear. Chris has spent over two decades in TV and radio news. Most recently Chris was an anchor on the nationally syndicated America’s Radio News Network. He has a financial services background and is also a published writer, author and political analyst. He brings a p ...
In Season 2 of the series we will share a new collection of surprising and unusual stories from the history of science. In each episode we will feature two seemingly unrelated stories from the past. Then, Dan Riskin will connect the dots between those stories and offer insight into how that history impacts modern medical research. We are learning from the past so we can understand the present, and inform the future. Along the way we will learn how a professor at Stanford turned mild mannered ...
A no-holds barred conversation for Real Financial Advisors with industry nerd Michael Kitces and client communication expert Carl Richards. One draws with a Sharpie, the other nerds out with spreadsheets, and both provide you with unique perspectives so that you can more effectively communicate with and serve your clients, run a more fulfilling practice, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
From the NBA draft to the playoffs and back again, Open Floor takes you on a ride across the NBA standings, laying out the latest news and rumors along the way and leaving no basketball conspiracy theory stone left unturned. Join hosts Michael Pina, Chris Herring and Rohan Nadkarni as they let their imaginations run free up and down the court and around the world. Welcome to the Open Floor Globe.
The world has never been more connected. Yet never more divided. We yell at each other from inside our echo chambers. But change doesn’t happen inside an echo chamber. It’s time to get out, to stretch our legs, to step on some land mines. It's time to have an uncomfortable conversation with Josh Szeps. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Offense comes before resolution. Amidst dissension, words are hard to accept. They are hard if they are true. Disappointment in failure is natural, but not depression that turns to suppression which is mortal. Truth, honesty, and resilience are needed to bring forth light to a darkened life. Ignoring this would bring expedient death. ______________________________________________________________________________ La ofensa viene primero que la solución. Entre la discordia, las palabras son dur ...


Zealot Press

Zealot tells the stories of alternative Christianity. Us Christians are weird. That’s why we created the ZEALOT podcast—to tell the stories of weirdos shaped by Christianity, no matter their denominational stripe or current beliefs. (We include ourselves in that weirdo category, BTW.) We tell the stories of how one of the largest world religions has shaped its followers—from the stories of youth groups, DTRs, queer Christianity, micro-aggressions, #churchtoo, CCM and "words from God"; to meg ...
Dr Brooklyn Storme PhD is an authority on integrating mind, spirit and business processes to help women in private practice transform their business into the reality they always wanted. Unlike other private practice organisations, Private Practice With Soul™ teaches women how to access answers from within and reduce their reliance on external resources and validation. By teaching you how to integrate your masculine and your feminine energies, you will leave each episode feeling more confiden ...
Two best friends Ryan & Eric discuss forms of entertainment ranging from Sitcoms, Movies, to Comic and Manga, Anime, Videos Games and Music. While anime is a popular topic of discussion there always are tangents to discuss how things get made, what wrong with society and what annoys us about life in general. This podcast, at its core, is about why you should care about what you consume in the hopes you get some laughs and can reflect on some insight provided.
At Roadmunk, we build a product management platform for product people (beautiful + collaborative roadmapping software); and as part of the product management community, we’ve seen how open product people are to helping their peers. They share their own experiences of working in product, both the good and the bad, in very honest ways. We decided to take the candid conversations that are happening in product communities on Reddit and Slack and Medium – and turn them into an interview podcast. ...
Co-hosted by Ginger Ramsey and Donzell Lewis, Misplaced Life includes casual yet informed discussions that "dig deep" into current events, hot topics and cultural trends - all with a serious message and a light-hearted tone. By also sharing their personal stories, along with those of their guests, they bring to light the idea that when we reveal, understand, embrace and support each other's journeys as well as our own, we realize that we are more alike than not. We all have those times in li ...
Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936) has been called the “prince of paradox.” Time magazine observed of his writing style: “Whenever possible Chesterton made his points with popular sayings, proverbs, allegories—first carefully turning them inside out.” His prolific and diverse output included journalism, philosophy, poetry, biography, Christian apologetics, fantasy and detective fiction. The title of Chesteron’s 1910 collection of essays was inspired by a title given to him two years earlie ...
There is nothing wrong with hard work, but whats the point if your work prevents you from enjoying your life. Welcome to FUN, the Podcast that encourages you to Carpe all those Diems and live a life that rewards you personally and professionally. Your host Joel Comm introduces you to leaders from the business, entertainment and social world that have turned their passion in to play.
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Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: http://sprtspod.fox/b7si4wkv 00:00 How dangerous are the Patriots? 13:38 Cowboys / NFC East 26:21 Mac Jones 41:23 Tell Me Why I’m Wrong 53:01 What’d we learn from the Patriots win? 1:04:37 Who’s at fault: Baker or Brown? 1:18:15 Simple Questions, Complicated Answers 1:23:33 Russell Wilson 1:27:23 Fina…
Today, we're introducing Denver to a new kind of commercial brokerage: Kaufman Hagan Commercial Real Estate. Listen to the episode to meet Principals Teal Nipp Hagan and Brandon Kaufman. Learn what sets KH apart from other commercial brokerages and how they plan to change the status quo.Von Chris Lopez - Denver Investment Broker
'12 Minutes' and 'Unpacking' were 2021 releases that brought very different experiences of being stuck in small rooms (not something any of us would be familiar with... ahem). Gem and Tim dissect both games with a cheerful sprinkle of festive cheer and Willem Dafoe's nether regions... We chat through: 12 Minutes by Unity / Annapurna Interactive. Pl…
The average family earning $25,000 a year in the U.S. spends about $2,400 on financial transactions. Whether it’s the astronomical interest rates of a payday loan or the costs that come with being unbanked, the extractive practices of the financial services industry are effectively keeping the poor in poverty. Lawyer and author Mehrsa Baradaran and…
Brian Peacock joins KNBR Tonight with Dieter to breakdown 49ers vs Seahawks and will we actually see a Brady vs Belicheck Superbowl matchup? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: http://sprtspod.fox/b7si4wkv 00:00 Chiefs 15:20 Lamar Jackson 32:08 Can Washington catch Dallas? 45:07 Is Tom Brady MVP? 52:18 Patrick Mahomes concerns 1:05:04 Philly QB controversy? 1:14:12 NFC East 1:21:26 College Football Playoff rankings 1:27:22 Keep It 99 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit p…
In today's episode, Michael and Rohan open up the mailbag and wonder who this season’s version of Jrue Holiday will be, who’s the worst player who can lead a contender in scoring, how many awards Steph Curry will win this season, why Ben Simmons to the Knicks doesn’t make a lot of sense, and more! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.ihe…
Sports Enterprise Writer for The SF Chronicle Connor Letourneau joins M&M to discuss the Warriors big win over the Suns Friday & the trap game loss to the Spurs Saturday See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
It's the best improvised comedy podcast about conspiracy theories! The Truthcast has been called been called Beavis and Butt-head meets The X-Files. That's insulting. The TRUTHCAST is your ONLY source of the hard hitting news "they're" too scared to tell you about. It most certainly is NOT a parody of a conspiracy theory podcast turned homoerotic s…
Hey all, our little newsletter hits a 150 with this edition! That’s about 600,000+ words. We also completed two years of bringing you Anticipating The Unintended last month. The process has been rewarding for us (heh, what else can we say about a free newsletter, really?). We hope it’s been of use to you. Thank you for your attention and time. We w…
Dan Favale joins KNBR Tonight with Dieter to preview the rematch from earlier this week: Warriors vs Suns and Is Zion done for this season? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: http://sprtspod.fox/applepodcasts 00:00 Cowboys/Saints recap 17:31 Rams’ Super Bowl chances 35:40 Ravens/Steelers preview 48:25 More to prove: Patriots or Bills? 58:06 Are Cowboys Super Bowl contenders? 1:08:38 Herbert vs. Burrow 1:17:32 LeBron clears protocols 1:24:17 Pollard vs. Zeke Learn more abou…
Former San Francisco 49er hard hitting Safety, Donte Whitner, joins Papa & Copes to discuss how the Seahawks always have a chance to win when Russell Wilson is the QB See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
Seattle Seahawks Play-by-Play announcer, Steve Raible, joins Papa & Copes to preview the a huge road matchup for the 49ers as they travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
ESPN Baseball analyst, Tim Kurkjian, joins Papa & Copes to give some insight on the MLB lockout and gives his own predication when the lockout will be over See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan joins the Murph & Mac Show to gives us an injury update on Deebo Samuel & Fred Warner and to preview this weekends game against the Seattle Seahawks! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Von Cumulus Media San Francisco
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