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THE RALPH REPORT with Ralph Garman is a daily show featuring news, pop culture, and current events as filtered through twisted mind of it's host. The show features comedy segments, celebrity interviews, and TV & film reviews along with Ralph's take on what's happening in the world.
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On today's #TheRalphReport : "Disco Lives" on ONE-HIT WONDER WEDNESDAY! Steve Ashton and Kari Watson stop by to talk about their new project, the "Holistic Buffet"! And, on today's GARMY GAME SHOW: It's EASTER! Does Eddie know his rabbits? SUBSCRIBE: patreon.com/theralphreportVon Ralph Garman
On today's #TheRalphReport : We kick off our 5 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS gift giveaway! A surprise MUNCHIN' MONDAY for Eddie! And, the premiere of a brand new Christmas musical by Garmy member Jennifer Stewart, "THE LEGEND OF SANTA RALPH"! SUBSCRIBE: www.patreon.com/theralphreportVon Ralph Garman
On today's #TheRalphReport : We're SO EXCITED for today's theme song on TV TUNES TUESDAY! A lesson in HOW TO TALK "PHILLY SLANG"! It's MICHAELMAS, so eat a goose! And, a great interview with the charming and severely funny, BLAIRE ERSKINE! SUBSCRIBE: www.patreon.com/theralphreportVon Ralph Garman
On today's #TheRalphReport : It's our 600th EPISODE! We celebrate with a "magnum opus" on TV TUNES TUESDAY! We ask "Why do Brits go to THE LOO"? We debate the best CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! And, we present another candidate for the ZOO OF TERROR!SUBSCRIBE: www.patreon.com/theralphreportVon Ralph Garman
On today's #TheRalphReport : The show might give you a case of "THE WILLIES"! Another bright and shiny ONE HIT WONDER WEDNESDAY! Steve Ashton's UK UPDATE! The EMMY nominations! And, our salute to one of the great 007 villains, ODD JOB! (Silent, but, deadly!) SUBSCRIBE: www.patreon.com/theralphreportVon Ralph Garman
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