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El nuevo show que llega a Big y que tiene un historial de 100 capìtulos anteriores en donde creamos una hermosa comunidad y que hoy llega a Big con su distintas secciones que han transformado a Jimbo y Marto en lo reyes de las noches de los viernes en Big Radio.
JimBo Chiro Show

JimBo Chiro Show

JimBo Chiro Podcast

Our vision is to help Chiropractic students and young doctors grow a practice that aligns with their purpose! We will have a range of topics ranging from figuring out how to find your purpose to business and marketing insight. Guests will join the podcast from time to time to get more perspectives on our topics. Join us and get ready to go!
"The Jimbo Podcast" is a special extension or "on-demand" feature of "The Jimbo Show."The Jimbo Show is hosted by Houston radio veteran Jim "Jimbo" Kovacik. Episodes of "The Jimbo Podcast" sometimes include interviews, bits, prank calls or whatever he's done on "The Jimbo Show." Thanks for listening!
Jimbo's Five and Dime is a variety show, based loosely around marketing, design, art, sexuality, spirituality, nuance, punk music, alcohol, drugs, and our individualism that makes this such a beautiful world for you to live in. Not me. I'm miserable and I hate almost everything. Ok... I'm a nice guy with a weird career and weirder friends. I'll interview my friends and go on long diatribes. Visit https://unclejimbo.me for MORE!!
Me and my friend Nick talk about the current situation of anything from games to real life politics. Everything we say is our opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt. We are not a trusted source of information. We try and do some research but we will mess up. We made this just so some people could have something to listen to and laugh at times.
Welcome to The Mitzy and Jimbo Show. Launched at AdeptiCon 2018 hosts Mitzy and Jimbo set out to create a YouTube channel to bring viewers a regular slice of Warhammer Age of Sigmar content. We be chat about this great hobby along with covering events, sharing hobby techniques and generally rambling on about all things AOS. A number of fans requested that the show be available to listen via a Podcast (we are obviously not fit for video) so here we are... Thanks for checking out the channel a ...
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So... here's the thing: If you will be forgotten when you go, you don't have a legacy. Simple math, but so many seem to miss this point. When you go - who will remember you, and for what? Do you want people to remember you for the clever things you post on social? Is it just me, or does that seem... lame? My legacy isn't here. I don't need to talk …
Grew up in Baltimore City in poverty with a horrible family life. Homeless with my hippie divorced mom and older brother for a period of time motivated me to escape that environment. Couldn't read or write till we moved to the farming community of southern york county pa. Mentoring is key. Visit Brian at https://www.broadwaytrans.com Visit me at ht…
There is no cookie cutter template for growing a business. Every business tells a different story and needs different strategies. Alex uses story to help creative business owners identify and implement the exact strategy they need to grow their business and transform their customers’ lives. Visit Alex at https://www.alexboxall.co.uk Visit me at htt…
Singer/ songwriter/ music designer/ artist/ starseed. I'm all about elevating our 3D lives into the energy and magic of the 5D. If you got excited about that sentence, then we could probably be friends. I express my thoughts through music and video. Visit Bobbo at https://Fuelblue.com Visit me at https://unclejimbo.me…
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