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Founded in 2005 the School of Podcasting is one of the Internet's first sites on podcasting. Founder Dave Jackson is a leading expert on Podcasting and his snarky attitude and entertaining delivery has lead Dave to building a large and loyal following. He helps you massage your message, tackle the technology, and flatten the learning curve of podcasting. Over 1 million downloads can't be wrong!
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Are you looking to grow your audience? Get more engagement with your audience? Today I have Valerie Geller the author of the book Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age—News, Talk, Information & Personality for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Internet, RadioVon David Jackson
In talking with new and seasoned podcasters I often hear questions that lead me to believe that people think they can "break" their podcast. Today I talk about a few questions I've heard and how 99% of the time you're not going to break your show. We also have a question of the month The Separate Track Challenge I have recommended Squadcast for yea…
Would you like 300,000 downloads per episode? Are you willing to work for three weeks to get media exposure in 2% of the outlets you contact? Are you willing to work for months on your first episodes and ask others to give you HONEST feedback on your show?Von David Jackson
Today we revisit the topic of Impostor Syndrome (something we talked about in episode 627), as you won't believe who has impostor syndrome (the whole, "Why would anyone listen to me???). We also share what your favorite episode is and why (some pretty amazing answers thanks to all who participated).Von David Jackson
I'm listening to the book Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton and it's a really good book. If you find yourself starring at the fridge when you're not hungry, this book is for you. WEIGH-IN I'm proud to announce that I'm down to 227 (1 lb since my last episode). WORDS MATTER If you are somewhere where you can write, start a list of all the things …
Today I talk about two books. One I loved, and one I want to take back. I also went back to some apps I use to use, and I forgot how much I like them. Streaks App Happy Scale In a weird "double negative" kind of goal I set one negative goal of "Don't Eat Bad Food" and when I start the day it's checked. Hence, I have to purposely choose to eat bad f…
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