Candace Hunter On The Importance Of Public Service, Holding Leaders Accountable And Running For Austin ISD School Board (Education)


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Join us as we talk to Candace Hunter about her campaign for Austin ISD board of trustees. We have a far ranging conversation about the current state of public education in Austin and Texas more broadly. Some topics we discuss include the Texas Education Agency and their role in oversight of public schools. We address the teacher shortage in Texas and some of the ongoing reasons for it. We dive into the obstacles that teachers face and the possible solutions. We talk about the pressures of standardized testing and discuss the enormous cost of this system to Texas. We discuss public school finance and the issues that Title 1 schools face. Candace shares her life experience as an educator and how she pivoted during the pandemic to become a teacher of teachers. Candace is committed to public education and public service and has a lifetime of experience to back it up.

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