#33: Empowering consumers with accurate information to make a greater impact through their everyday purchases - Cluey Founder: Maryclaire Manard


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It's all about empowering you as a consumer in the 33rd episode of the Talkin' Solutions podcast as we highlight Cluey and founder Maryclaire Manard.

Cluey is a web based platform that focuses on providing consumers with information that will guide them to make a difference with their spending power.

They give consumers accurate insight into their favorite brands and rate them on an A-F letter grading system on a multitude of factors including their impact on people and the planet.

In this episode we discuss:

👉 How Cluey puts the power back into the consumers hands by providing them with accurate and reliable data about their favorite brand's impact on people and the planet

👉 Tips on how you as a consumer can see how your brand impacts the world and people

👉 The factors that go into Cluey grading brands and their overall grade

👉 Understanding the importance of individual action and decision when creating sustainable change

👉 How you can use the app today and get started with making purchasing decisions with brands that align with your values

Check out Cluey and how you can utilize their web application via their website

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