Counting on YOURSELF, Training High School Athletes, Tough vs Weak Minded People + Book Updates


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STRONG Life Podcast ep 308

In this solo episode, I dig into a variety of topics listed below:

- Counting on Yourself First & Foremost in Business AND Life

- Why RESULTS tell the Truth. Some people TALK about it but if the Results are not there, Then the plan of attack must change.

- Talent vs Work Ethic. At what Age does talent start to fade and work ethic takes over?

- The intricacies of coaching high school athletes both physically and mentally.

- Program Design in the high school setting

- The origins of "Wacky Wednesday" at The Underground Strength Gym & how this style of training is crucial for building tough, strong athletes

- The problem with people being overly sensitive and denying accountability and responsibility

- BOOK Updates. What is my new book and what is going with The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength?

RESOURCES: - FREE Training Courses - The Academy

Gladiator STRONG - 7 Days FREE Intro

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